We have a beautiful 6000 square foot facility, including an open gym space and state-of-the-art exercise equipment. We are a team of physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning professionals with over 30 years of experience training and treating patients of all types.

The PT Center has a practice-wide commitment to excellence in patient care, built upon a foundation of personalized care and compassion with an emphasis on manual therapy and evidence-based exercise in a family atmosphere.

With our early hours, late evening and Saturday appointments, we will have no problem meeting the busiest of schedules. So call us today and schedule for tomorrow!


"After an automobile accident left me with uncontrollable headaches, sensory sensitivity, emotional instability and cognitive deficits, I was forced to drop out of Yale University. After years of unsuccessful treatments elsewhere, I finally made the decision to seek treatment at the PT Center. This decision was absolutely life-saving. Every single person- from the front desk to the aides, trainers and therapists- pitched in to make my tri-weekly trips to the PT Center the highlights of my week. They took the time to really listen to my specific symptoms, patiently and effectively leading me to a recovery and return to Yale. Every patient is treated like they are the most important patient in the world, making the PT Center a truly one-of-a-kind place with the most friendly, knowledgeable and kind staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with!"  -- Brianna Segerson

"I've been using the PT Center for the past 8 years.  Having had physical therapy treatments at several other facilities in the past, I have found the PT Center to be the absolute best.  The staff and facilities are outstanding.  I am a senior athlete and I credit my treatments at workouts at the PT Center with allowing me to continue to compete in various athletic endeavors."   -- Jim Grove

"How do I describe my 5+ years at the PT Center? Life-saving.  After rotator cuff surgery and two knee replacements, the therapists - especially Kim Hain - allowed my return to 'normal' life by their expert care.  These people really get to know their patients.  Thanks Kevin for a great facility!"  -- Janet Heilmeier

"I became a clieint of the PT Center after suffering a fracture of the knee.  Four fractures and one back surgery later, I credit the PT Center for helping me recover. They are excellent practioners, alway greet me with a smile, and go above and beyond in helping you."  -- Susan Alfonso

"Our whole family has become huge fans of the PT Center.  I've been working with Jeff for several years and have seen a significant improvement in my overall health.  I've lost weight, become more toned, and impoved my balance and posture. I would highly recommend his workouts to anyone of any age. Thanks PT Center! You're the best!" -- Cathy Horning

"Wherever the ache or pain is, however much you may hurt, the PT Center has an answer or a solution.  Give it a try and turn a frown into a smile!" -- D. Friedman
"Thank you for calling the PT Center.  This is Sarah.  How may I help you?"  The help a person needs begins when the first contact is made with these amazing care providers.  This is the place to receive competent, compassionate care.  Clients are regarded as people with needs, not just patients for rehab.  Kevin and all the employees take a personal interest in each client. Hands-on treatment makes a significant difference in promoting healing.  The results are amazing!" -- Lynn F.

"This is a fabulous place to rehab.  Great professional staff who work together for the patients' best interest.  Akron is fortunate to have this facility and therapists. Without this place, I would not be walking, exercising, or traveling. Thank you PT Center for giving me my life back!" -- Nancy Jo

"I recommend the PT Center to anyone.  The staff are just great and are very attentive and willing to help in everything to help you feel BETTER!"  -- Annette Pooley

Appointments Available:

Monday thru Thursday - 7am to 6:30pm

Friday - 7am to 11am

Saturday - 8am to 10:30am


Top physical therapists in Fairlawn 2016

The PT Center has recently been awarded with the 2016 Patients Choice Award for being been recognized as one of the top Fairlawn Physical Therapy practices.